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Black love

Should Women Run From Red Pill Men? 🚩🚩🚩



Kenim O reacts to Kevin Samuels, AMS, red pill ideology

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Black love

The Wait for Your Soulmate (Overcoming Your Anti-Soulmate)




Kenim O breaks down the lyrics of ‘Wait on You’ by Maverick City to exemplify why the wait for your soulmate is an integral process for the longevity of your partnership. 

0:00 – Intro

0:49 – Kenim’s Unique Soulmate Journey

2:12 – How God Revealed Kenim’s “Soulmate”

7:16 – What is a Negative Soulmate? (Anti-Soulmate) 

10:00 – Breaking Negative Soul Ties 

11:49 – Breaking Down The Long Wait for Your Soulmate

14:21 – Breaking down the lyrics of ‘Wait on You’ by Maverick City 

15:37 – What God Wants for You is Better Than What You Want for You!

17:17 – Stop Trying to Control God’s Plans

18:10 – Breaking Down Kenim’s Wait in Stages

20:50 – How God’s Strength Works

22:30 – The Power of Therapy 

24:10 – Stop Manipulating/trying to control 

24:30 – The Power of God’s Strength

26:37 – Conclusion: Trust in God’s Promise No Matter What

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How Diddy & Burna Boy Brought RnB Back!




In this compelling exploration of the R&B genre’s evolution, we delve into how Diddy and Burna Boy breathed new life into a music style that was at risk of fading away.

Diddy and Burna Boy brought back R&B

R&B’s decline, attributed to genre appropriation, is addressed.The blurred lines between R&B and hip-hop due to artists adopting both styles are discussed.

R&B’s Decline and the Need for Superstars

The past 7-10 years witnessed R&B’s decline, largely due to appropriation by other genres.The emergence of artists like Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and The Weeknd changed the R&B landscape.R&B became more mainstream, losing its sensual love song essence.The scarcity of new R&B superstars contributed to this decline.The unique case of Justin Bieber, a white artist, associated with R&B is highlighted.

The Lack of Mainstream R&B Superstars

The absence of new R&B superstars like Rihanna is discussed.Justin Bieber’s attempt to promote R&B and the criticism he faced for cultural appropriation is explored.Other artists like SZA, Summer Walker, and LL were mentioned, but they lacked mainstream superstar status.Chris Brown’s transition away from R&B is noted.

Diddy’s ‘love’ Album: A Nostalgic Revival

Diddy’s innovative approach to revive R&B through the ‘love’ album is examined.His role as a DJ and producer in creating this album is emphasized.’love’ takes listeners back to R&B’s peak in the 90s and early 2000s.

Justin Bieber’s R&B Journey

Justin Bieber’s latest album’s blend of mainstream and niche R&B talents is explored.The album’s focus on returning to the classic R&B sound of the 90s and early 2000s is highlighted.Burna Boy’s contribution to the R&B sound is mentioned.

The Evolution of R&B and Diddy’s Impact

Burna Boy’s roots in R&B and Afro Fusion are discussed.Diddy’s rebranding of R&B through collaborations and features is examined.The fusion of R&B, Afro Fusion, and Diddy’s influence has reignited excitement for the genre.

Modern R&B: A Shift in Essence

The shift in R&B’s lyrical content from love, light, rhythm, and blues to more contemporary themes is addressed.The loss of the harmonizing and layered sounds of past R&B legends like Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey is lamented.

The Quality of Modern R&B

A comparison between modern R&B and the golden era of the 90s is made.Vocal talent and music quality in today’s R&B are examined.Diddy’s album is credited with recapturing the nostalgic R&B sound of the past.Join us in this journey through the transformation of R&B, driven by the creative forces of Diddy and Burna Boy.

00:00 Diddy and Burna Boy brought back R&B02:00 R&B’s Decline and the Need for Superstars03:41 The Lack of Mainstream R&B Superstars05:15 Diddy’s ‘love’ Album: A Nostalgic Revival06:57 Justin Bieber’s R&B Journey08:36 The Evolution of R&B and Diddy’s Impact10:19 Modern R&B: A Shift in Essence12:05 The Quality of Modern R&B

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A Second Husband (2020)




In a society that encourages polygamy and the oppression of women, Tope – a mid-30s Lagos big woman decides to flip the script and become polyandrous – she takes in a second husband. While there may be some legal issues, to her advantage the only thing Lagos’ high society respect more than culture is money. Too bad for Kole, her first husband, he must face the fate most Nigerian women are forced into. Will he fight for his manhood, or will he give in?

Starring Osas Ighodaro

Writer/Director/Producer – Kenim O

Length: 30 mins

Become a part of HISTORY, be the first & ONLY ONE EVER to own Nollywood’s First NFT Short Film. The critically acclaimed 2020 short film A Second Husband has finally come to YouTube.

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