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Should Governments Regulate The Metaverse? | Dominating The Metaverse Ep 4



Kenim O breaks down how Governments can participate in the development of metaverses.

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Black Culture

Bobbi Althoff’s Racist SECRET




Discover the shocking truth behind Bobbi Althoff’s meteoric rise to internet stardom, including her controversial interview with Drake, which has left the industry buzzing with speculation.


00:00 – Who is Bobbi Althoff

02:22 – Unmasking the ‘Industry Plant’ Rumors

06:48 – The Drake Interview: Too Good to Be True?

08:39 – Alex Cooper’s Game-Changing Collab with Drake

13:06 – Drake’s Media Preferences: Controversial or Calculated?

15:16 – Urban Culture Profiteering: The Unveiling

18:50 – Love, Rumors, and Divorce: Addressing the Gossips

20:36 – Rise and Fall in the Podcasting Realm

24:47 – Cultural Appropriation: A Cautionary Tale

26:39 – Empowering the Black Community Through Media

Dive into this eye-opening discussion with Merlin, where we unravel the intricate web of fame, power, and culture. Don’t miss this captivating exposé that’s set to reshape your perspective on the entertainment world. Subscribe for more thought-provoking content! 🚀

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Financing Innovation: The Opportunities in AI, Fintech, Afrobeats & More




Panel 1: ‘Financing Innovation: The Opportunities in AI, Fintech, Afrobeats & More.’

Objective: To explore the intersection of innovation, finance, and creativity in driving Africa’s economic growth and answer the question of ownership of intellectual property of tech companies. Also to discuss how African jurisdictions spur innovation and mobilize domestic capital to scale and create wealth. The panel will highlight investment opportunities in areas such as AI, Fintech, and the creative industry, showcasing how these sectors can synergize to fuel Africa’s economic evolution. In this enlightening panel session, we delve into the world of financing innovation, exploring the vast opportunities within AI, fintech, and the vibrant Afrobeats scene. Hosted and expertly moderated by the co-founder of Africa Policy Conversation, this discussion brings together thought leaders and visionaries.

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Brand Video Pro

The Breakfast Club Officially Replaces Angela Yee with Jess Hilarious?




The Breakfast Club Officially Replaces Angela Yee with Jess Hilarious?

Kenim O delves into the idea of Jess Hilarious taking over as the new co-host on The Breakfast Club. With her clout, respect, and undeniable dominance, she could bring a fresh and comedic perspective to the show.

Join us as we explore the potential of Jess Hilarious joining The Breakfast Club and discuss the need for change in the show’s dynamics. Discover the impact of personal branding, the challenges of staying relevant, and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Don’t miss this engaging conversation!

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