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King Viserys’ Dying Wish | House Of The Dragon Ep 8 | A Filmmaker’s Breakdown, Scene By Scene



King Viserys' Dying Wish | House Of The Dragon Ep 8

Decoding House of the Dragon: A Filmmaker’s Perspective

Writer/Director Kenim O breaks down House Of The Dragon Episode 8 Learn more about Kenim O’s films (

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Black Culture

Why Are Mixed Race People The Face Of Black Culture?




For some reason when it comes to colorism, texturism and featurism people love to gaslight. So I decided to double down with a new thumbnail to illustrate my point further.

1. Biggest rapper – Drake

2. Biggest Uk rapper – Central Cee

3. Biggest female rapper (currently) – Cardi B

4. Breakthrough female rapper – Ice Spice

5. Breakthrough female act out of Africa – Tyla… if she wins that Grammy (she most likely will), y’all can forget about burna boy.

To clarify, I’m not talking about local superstars/hometown heroes. I’m talking about global superstars. Central Cee can sell out shows in Japan & and Australia because he made it in the US. It’s one thing to make it in your country/continent. But the US mainstream still gatekeeps global entertainment culture. Things are changing thanks to TikTok. But it hasn’t shifted yet because music is still heavily gatekept. I.e. since 2021, there’s been no viral TikTok without a major capital push.

1. No one is saying they shouldn’t have space in black music. We cannot exclude them from blackness. But for them to be the pinnacle of every category – because of their non-blackness- is problematic, because it proliferates black erasure.

2. There’s this false narrative that black doesn’t sell globally. It reminds me of when they used to say “black people can’t be in movies- no one will watch” Not only has that been disproven in music and film, but the truth is most entertainment products marketed well can sell.

3. At least we have progressed from the early 2000s when a white man was the most celebrated rapper -Eminem.

4. At least black people are no longer stripped away from genres we created, rock, country, techno, and more.

But sorry I’m not gonna stop there. It’s not enough. I’m gonna fight for black economic empowerment/black empowerment till the end. Which means shining a light on all hidden forms of white supremacy: Anti-blackness, colorism, racism, texturism, featurism, and so on. Don’t like it? Leave ✌🏾👋🏾

The irony is, when she’s dark-skinned, Sukihana and Sexyy Red antics is the nonsense they wanna push. Don’t get me wrong, their antics is not far off for the light-skinned talent. But because of their proximity to whiteness, they are given more space to be “classy”

Explore the influence of mixed-race artists in black culture and music. From Drake’s dominance raising questions about cultural identity to the rising prominence of non-American artists appropriating black American culture, this analysis delves into the complexities of representation. The speaker critiques ignorance about racism in the UK, challenges the erasure of black individuals in media representation, and questions whether mixed-race people should be the face of black culture. Plus, discover how Ken Mo can guide you in building your YouTube channel, podcast brand, music business, and more.

00:00 – Drake’s Cultural Identity

01:48 – Mixed Race Artists in Black Culture

03:10 – Non-American Artists and Cultural Appropriation

04:32 – Central Cee and UK Rap

06:04 – Critique of Racism in the UK

07:17 – Representation of Blackness in Media

08:36 – Mixed Race People and the Face of Black Culture

09:59 – Kenim O’s Consultations and The Consultation Show

Kenim O is a seasoned filmmaker and media/tech entrepreneur, boasting nearly two decades of invaluable experience. Her educational background includes prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School and Tufts University.

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This is Why Hip Hop Is Declining




Unlock the secrets behind the decline of hip-hop! Join me as we delve into the rise and fall of this iconic genre. According to Jay J and the Earn Your Leisure podcast, hip-hop sales have plummeted by 40%, marking a pivotal moment in its history. From its immigrant roots and the DJ culture that birthed it to the current challenges of content saturation and evolving genres, we’ll dissect the factors contributing to hip-hop’s decline. But fear not, there’s an opportunity for innovation! Discover how hip-hop can merge with global sounds, embracing new influences and ushering in a new era of creativity.

00:00 – Hip-Hop Sales Decline

01:41 – Immigrant Roots and DJ Culture

03:13 – Content Saturation and Genre Competition

04:50 – Technology, Evolution, and New Genres

06:30 – Various Reasons for Hip-Hop’s Decline

08:15 – Opportunity for Innovation Despite Decline

09:55 – Innovate and Merge with Other Genres

11:27 – Merging with Sounds from Around the World

Kenim O is a seasoned filmmaker and media/tech entrepreneur, boasting nearly two decades of invaluable experience. Her educational background includes prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School and Tufts University.


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How Chris Brown Copied Beyoncé & Burna Boy to Salvage His Career




Watch some of you not actually watch this video and start jumping to conclusions. I’m a troll. I didn’t shit-talk Chris Brown most of this video haha. 🔥 Chris Brown’s Epic Comeback: Unveiling the Afrobeat Magic! 🌍✨ Witness the transformation as Chris Brown strategically embraces afrobeats, taking inspiration from Burna Boy to resurrect his career. 🚀🎶 Don’t miss the beat – dive into the groove NOW! #ChrisBrown #AfrobeatMagic #MusicComeback”

00:00 – “Reviving Brilliance”02:32 – “Chris Brown’s Afrobeats Takeover”04:55 – “Burna Boy’s Influence”07:19 – “Afrobeat Collaboration”09:24 – “African Adoration”11:29 – “Swaggering Success”13:42 – “Strategic Collaboration”15:51 – “Anticipation & Talent”

17:42 – “Burna Boy’s Influence Revisited”

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