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8 DIY Secrets to get your indie film or TV show seen!

You might have spent your life savings, acquired credit card debt, and secured bank loans to piece together your latest masterpiece. Perhaps your film is going to shake the world at its core. REALITY CHECK: No one cares…yet! There will be no earthquakes until your film has been heard.



Are you tired of unanswered emails from big shot executives? Or perhaps you don’t even know how to get in contact with ANY of them? In today’s media landscape, you don’t need an acquisition from a fancy broadcaster or film distributor to bring attention to your content. Media is evolving FAST and power channels are shifting. We are living in the best era for independent content makers.

The internet gives you direct access to your audience, making you the front seat driver to your success. But it’s not easy. To get your film to a large audience you will need knowledge, strategy, creativity, resources and A LOT of drive. So drink up some espressos and buckle up!


You might have spent your life savings, acquired credit card debt, and secured bank loans to piece together your latest masterpiece. Perhaps your film is going to shake the world at its core. REALITY CHECK: No one cares…yet! There will be no earthquakes until your film has been heard.

Most Theatrical Hollywood films spend AT LEAST 30% of their budgets on marketing. At this point you might be out of cash, and unable to afford outsourcing to a 3rd party marketing and PR company. Here are 8 industry secrets to getting your film or TV show seen!

Stage 1

1. START NOW!Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 20.49.35

Build awareness around your content. Create social media accounts as soon as possible. A lot of big budget Hollywood films begin marketing one year before a film is distributed.


1 research_

The more specific your target audience and market is, the clearer your path to engage them. Here is what you need to find out:

a) Who is your target audience / market?
b) What other films have similar target markets and what are the angles, strategies, aims, and objectives of their campaigns?
c) What is your target audience / market’s demographic research (profile)? This includes the market’s social, economic, and geographical information (background, residence and income).
d) What is your target market’s lifestyle, attitude, motivation and interest? What are their backgrounds and values towards lifestyle?
e) What is their target audience / market’s behavioural variable: Why do they buy it? How do they benefit from it? How do they use it? When do they buy it?


3. Go to your Audience


Let them know how awesome your film is! Introduce yourself and direct them to your site!
a) Select 2-3 social media platforms used by your target audience.
b) Select 2 groups or hashtags on each platform
c) Interact and engage your target audience with relatable and captivating posts.
d) Post often (2-3 times a day) and plug in links that direct users to your website.
e) When you have a good rhythm, expand to more groups and platforms!


4. Create Shareable Content 

Sharable content

a) Not only does your film need to be captivating, but so does your marketing strategy!Engage your audience with content that elicits an emotional reaction, such as laughs, tears and educational insight. The more moving it is, the more people will share!


  • Behind the scenes photos and footage
  • Engaging quotes and notes.

** don’t forget tho hire a graphic designer for your posters and Instagram illustrations. Pull in some favors if you can’t afford it! The quality of your marketing will give people an idea of the production value of your film.

b) Provide your following with incentive that is beneficial to them!
Create a challenge or contest with prizes. Give them the chance to win film necrophilia – costumes, signed merchandise, a set visit — be creative!
c) Be consistent! The more regularly you post engaging content, the more you will build your audience. Post 1-2 times a day.


Step 2

Now you’ve completed your film and have secured a distribution platform (our article on how to get a distribution deal is coming soon!). It’s time to take promotions to the MAX! Marketing an indie film takes on a life of its own. You’ll need to put just as much effort into the launch as you did to make the film! Up to 50% of a film’s revenue is made in its first week. This number varies for TV, which allows you to grow your audience over time. But an epic launch won’t hurt nobody!

Be creative with your marketing strategy. Create an immersive experience that your audience takes away and lives on beyond your film!

5. Create a Press kit

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 18.55.57

Send it to journalists and key influencers who communicate with your target audience. (our article on how make a press kit coming soon!)

6. Create exceptional content to market your Film & TV show

a) Movie Trailers

A movie trailer is a marketing tool that encourages people to watch your film. (check out more of OVG’s services HERE )

b) Viral Content 

(Youtube, Facebook and Instagram videos)
At this point, If you have built a large audience, some SME brands will be interested in partnering with you to build their audience. Select companies that align with your film’s objectives and pitch them to sponsor a short video to build both your audiences.

I.e. Entourage partnered with cadillac to create additional content to promote the film.


c) Interactive Content
(video games, message boards etc)
The more you host a hub for your growing community, the more loyal your following will be.


Why not turn your premier party into a concept event, or host different live experiences around your concept?  (flash mobs, exhibits — be creative!). Journalist want to be the first to discover hot topics. An invite to your event beats a long pitch for them to feature your film.


i.e. for Tom Hardy’s 2015 film ‘Legend,’ the production company hosted exhibits to engage viewers in a new way!


7. Repeat steps 3-6 consistently


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